Dear Hon. Dalton McGuinty, Ms. Horwath and Mr. Hudak,

Best wishes to each of you, as we all head to the campaign trail for the next 29 days.

Today, I am writing to you to personally ask for your support to include Mike Schreiner, the Leader of the Green Party of Ontario in this year’s only televised leaders’ debate, now set for September 27th.

In 2008, it was a combination of public outcry and the support of the party leaders that led to the inclusion of Mike’s federal counterpart, Elizabeth May, in the leaders’ debates. Green Party leaders in British Columbia, Prince Edward Island and New Brunswick have all been included in their provinces’ debates. The results were lively discussions on issues that mattered to the electorate.

Our party received over 350,000 votes in 2007, over 6 times that of all other parties without a seat in the legislature combined. We have run a full slate of candidates (with the exception of one riding in 2003) in the past two elections and will do so again this year. I think you can agree that it is fair and reasonable that the Green Party have a seat at the table.

We also have the support for inclusion in this debate from a diverse group of community members across Ontario and across the political spectrum.

It would be my privilege to mention that you are making a point of supporting Mike Schreiner’s inclusion in the interest of a fair and democratic debate in this campaign.

I look forward to your response.


Bill Hewitt
President, Green Party of Ontario

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