The time has come in Ontario for Green Party leader Mike Schreiner to be invited to participate in the Ontario televised leaders debates. Democracy demands it!

Now that you've signed the petition, we urge you to write directly to the other party leaders to call on them to include the Green Party in the televised leaders' debates. Use our tool to write your own letter. Whatever you do, please help us reach the greatest number of voters by sharing your letter with your family, friends and colleagues…

Here’s why:

•The Green Party received 354,897 votes in the 2007 provincial election, over six times that of all other parties without a seat in the legislature, combined.

•In 2008, it was a combination of public outcry and the support of the party leaders that led to the inclusion of Mike’s federal counterpart, Elizabeth May, in the leaders’ debates.

•Green Party leaders in British Columbia, Prince Edward Island and New Brunswick have all been included in their provinces’ debates. The results were lively discussions on issues that mattered to the electorate.

•The Green Party runs a full slate of candidates in elections (with the exception of one riding in 2003) so every resident of Ontario can vote Green.

Here’s how:

Click here to use our letter writing tool to send a form letter or to write your own personal letter to the other party leaders.

•Before clicking send, copy and paste your letter in a word document in order to save it so you can send to your friends and family.

Email Party Leaders

Send a customizable email message to the leaders of the other parties. Ask them where they stand on including Mike in the debate.

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